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Some Statistics From Leading Organisation 

According to a report by LinkedIn, around 30% of Indian professionals regretted their career choices. The study found that many professionals felt that they did not have enough information about the career path they chose and wished they had explored more options. 

A survey by Aspiring Minds found that around 47% of engineering graduates in India were not employable in any sector due to a lack of industry-specific skills. This highlights the impact of choosing the wrong field of study, leading to underemployment and limited career growth. 

According to a survey by India Today, around 80% of Indian students feel stressed about choosing the right career path. This highlights the pressure that students face when it comes to choosing a career and the potential consequences of making the wrong decision. 

Students with high IQs may face unique challenges, such as feeling unchallenged or bored in their jobs or struggling to find work that aligns with their interests and values. 

Thus, a wrong career choice may lead to –


where an individual is underutilizing their skills and education

Difficulties in life come forward, leading to consistent stress

After which the switching cost may be very high.

Always feeling demotivated by where you have landed by what others advised you casually.

Bad investment of parents' hard-earned money, which can never be recovered back.

Dependence on someone for life 

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