At AskTree, our three-step approach ensures a comprehensive and personalized career counseling experience:


We begin by assessing your innate characteristics using scientific tests like D.M.I.T and H.G.M.I. These tests provide valuable insights into your abilities, talents, and preferred learning styles.


Our expert career counselors interpret the assessment results, considering your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and aspirations. They provide tailored guidance and recommendations to help you explore career options aligned with your profile.


We empower you with tools, resources, and ongoing support to realize your potential. Through workshops, training programs, and guidance, we equip you with the skills and confidence to navigate the professional landscape and build a successful career.


Do You Know All of Your Options?

When it comes to choosing a career path, students today have a vast array of options to explore. But many of them only know about a handful of traditional professions like Engineer, Doctor, Teacher, Business Associates, etc. 

In today's dynamic and diverse world, there are over 1,000 career choices that students should be aware of. These options span across various industries and sectors, including technology, healthcare, finance, arts and entertainment, environmental sciences, social work, entrepreneurship, and many more. 

We at AskTree aim to  aware students of the multitude of career choices that they each have based on their personality and other parameters. We believe with this awareness students can gain insights into their interests, passions, and aptitudes, and make informed decisions about their future. 

We believe it's crucial for students to explore different pathways, seek guidance, and embrace the exciting possibilities that await them as they embark on their professional journey. 

Ask Tree to Know  All of Your Options

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